For custom suites, we recommend contacting us no later than 5 months prior to the date of your event, though we can begin the design process as early as 1 year out.


The design process begins with a phone or email introduction where we'll discuss your wedding paper needs, design ideas, and inspiration. During your consultation, you will be asked to place a retainer to reserve your spot on my calendar.  This retainer will go towards your final balance.


Once you feel confident that there is a mutual understanding of your wedding style, design ideas, and paper needs, I will present you with a few of my ideas as well as an estimated quote and timeline for your paper needs.

*Click HERE to view a sample timeline


When you decide we are the right fit for your style and budget, we will move onto a contract that will outline details of all the pieces we will design together, and underscores our commitment to work together to create the most beautiful paper.


Once the contract is in place, we will begin the design process with a few concept sketches of your suite. As we refine the design sketches and achieve a design you love, we will then go through rounds of proofs to perfectly tweak the wording, calligraphy, and layout.


Once we have achieved a final design that you love, and you have approved your wedding suite for print, we will send your design to the press. 


When your wedding suite returns from the press, we will then assemble your invitations, address, seal, and stamp your envelopes.